Commission for @ExtinctionRebellion by @TollyDollyPosh

Commission for @ExtinctionRebellion by @TollyDollyPosh

World Refugee Day

The Climate and Ecological Crisis has already left thousands of people displaced worldwide.

Climate refugees are forced to leave their home region due to changes in the local environment.

The societal effects of climate change are already being experienced by many living in the Global South; sadly, this will only get worse as the world’s temperature continues to rise.

From extreme weather to droughts, raging forest fires and coastal deterioration – it is becoming increasingly difficult or even dangerous for people to live in the place they once called home.

Over the next decade, tens of millions of people will be forced from their home in the biggest refugee crisis ever to be seen on Earth.

Extreme droughts are already thought to have played a considerable part in the build-up to the Syrian war. Today the city of Chennai, in India, is facing a similar water crisis after it’s main water reservoirs have run completely dry.

Meanwhile, in Australia, dried-out rivers are forcing Aboriginals out of their ancestral homes; rivers are a significant part of Aboriginal culture and provide a life source for small communities.

For those already suffering at the hand of this crisis, taking action on the climate crisis cannot wait any longer. It’s time to act now.


Fashion Votes for the UK to Remain in Europe

With the national referendum just weeks away and the possibility of a ‘leave’ majority growing more likely, influential figures across the globe are stepping up to encourage voters to support the remain campaign.

We’ve already heard warnings from major banks and corporations about the potential risks of a ‘leave’ result. Today, we’re learning that the possible outcome may also cause harm to the British fashion industry.

JW Anderson Makes A Case For Slow Fashion

JW Anderson's London Fashion Week presentation combined both menswear and womenswear, as part of the designer's effort to slow down the pace of fashion.

JW Anderson, the eponymous brand headed-up by Jonathan Anderson, presented its Autumn-Winter 2018 collection as part of this year's London Fashion Week.

Anderson, who is also the creative director of Loewe, used the show to announce his plans to scale back the number of times his brand shows per-season.

Commission for @ExtinctionRebellion by @TollyDollyPosh

Commission for @ExtinctionRebellion by @TollyDollyPosh

Why Should We Worry About Deforestation?

Deforestation is out of control. According to the Global Forest Watch, 120,000sq km of forest were lost in 2018.

As trees grow, they absorb CO2 from our atmosphere but release it back into the air when they are killed.

Consistent forest clearance and wood burning is dramatically increasing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Tropical forests are currently shrinking at the equivalent rate of 30 football pitches per minute, meaning there are now far fewer trees to absorb our huge CO2 emissions.


Armani Bans Real Fur In Future Collections

Amazing news for animal lovers: Giorgio Armani has announced that as of Autumn/Winter 2016, the designer does not intend to use fur in any of his future collections.

In a statement, Giorgio Armani announced ‘that the Armani Group has made a firm commitment to abolish the use of animal fur in its collections.”

Commission for @ExtinctionRebellion by @TollyDollyPosh

Commission for @ExtinctionRebellion by @TollyDollyPosh

Plastic Pollution

According to a study commissioned by WWF, today’s extreme levels of plastic pollution means that you may be ingesting around 5g of plastic per week – the equivalent of eating a credit card!

The largest source of plastic we are ingesting comes from the water we drink, with high traces of plastic found in tap water and even higher amounts found in bottled water.

The report states that since the year 2000, “the world has produced as much plastic as all the preceding years combined – a third of which is leaked into nature.”


MM6 Gives A London Pub A Futuristic Makeover

MM6 Maison Margiela's London Fashion Week show saw silver-lacquered garments presented inside a central London pub that had been entirely decked-out in tin foil.

For the brand's Autumn-Winter 2018 show, every element of The Running Horse pub in Mayfair – from beer pumps to chairs and tables – was wrapped in silver foil by set designer Derek Hardie Martin.

This futuristic backdrop was intended to represent the collection's concept – that something classic can be completely reinvented when recreated in silver metallic.


8 Hacks For Looking Chic When It’s Baltic Outside

Dressing for the cold can be a challenge. Just how do you keep warm and look great? Team ELLE have compiled our best tips for practical Winter dressing without sacrificing your style.